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Meet Connie

Many singers profess to be natural storytellers, but few can also claim to be published authors too. Australian jazz singer Connie Lansberg showcases these two areas of her creative output this November, with the release of the album Tsera’s Gift, alongside a novel of the same name. The record is an infectious and lilting collection of songs, performed by some of Melbourne’s leading musicians.

A longstanding fixture on the Australian jazz scene, Connie’s songs - at various points evoking Blossom Dearie, Madeleine Peyroux, and Carol King - brim with elegantly expressive melodies, and poetic lyrics.

“As an author, I love the long-form, but as a songwriter, there’s nothing more thrilling than summing up the difficult, the wonderful, the terrifying and exhilarating feeling of falling in or out of love in a 4-minute soliloquy accompanied by these talented musicians. I also believe we create our own reality and that belief is the driving force behind all my work.”

Tsera’s Gift (Pre-Order Here) gracefully walks that fine line between accessibility and sophistication, jazz, and pop, resulting in an album that mixes crystalline melodies with richly emotive sentiments.

"Poised, beautiful and stylishly attired, Connie Lansberg commands her audience’s attention from the first note” - PBS Jazz Radio

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