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Hi, I'm Connie Lansberg. Thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter and to get your Energetic Wellness package. It proves you are an adventurous soul. And those are my kind of people. Now, let me explain a little bit about what this energetic package is. As a transformational entertainer, I have a frequency in my voice that through the songs I sing and the words I speak, I can dislodge stuck energy from your emotional body. And I can do it effortlessly, easily, gently, and while we're having fun listening to great music. Now, if you love jazz, you can go down that path. You don't have to listen to anything I say. I work with fantastic musicians here in Australia, so you will like the album, I'm sure, on that level, but I think you're just a little more curious than that. So when you download the Energetic Wellness Package, it's going to take you to a drop box you're going to download, and this is what you're going to download. I Used To Be Your Girl is a song that helps to dislodge fixation and obsession from the emotional body. Now, we all have something in our past or in our present, we're a little bit fixated on it, a little bit obsessed, which is really relaying to the cells of your body. "I can't live without this. You can. That's just the way it goes. You can live without it. So to remove this from your emotional body, just listen to I Used to Be Your Girl. I've given you the You Sing! track so that you can sing it as well, because in your head, with your conscious mind, knowing that you're dislodging this stuck energy, your voice will help do it even better, so you sing. There's also the sheet music. If you like to play piano, I've given you some album, the album cover. It's coming out November 16, Alone with Bees, and the lyrics as well. So this little package will get you started with what I'm sure your curiosity led you to, because I'm just here to maybe present questions to you, not all the answers. Anyway, you'll be hearing from me. And I want to thank you once again for signing up and joining this fabulous community of adventurous souls.

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