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Eleanor, a timid, yet resilient orphan, yearns for a life outside the abbey.
Lerion, Tsera's most ambitious novice, dreams of creating universes.
Twelve dimensions separate them, but it isn't far enough.
Eleanor is an ordinary girl with a remarkable gift. Her songs can transform barren land into food - a talent Mother Superior refuses to emancipate. When Eleanor does escape, she is forced to confront her bewildering destiny. She is the last Singer and the only one who can dissipate the clinging mist and reverse the deadly sinkholes threatening to annihilate the earth. For this, she needs the Perfect Tear and the Vibration trapped within. She must find the crystal before Lerion does or she will become his unwilling accomplice in the destruction of everything and everyone she loves,
Her only weapons are a strong will and good instincts. Eleanor must find the courage to trust these instincts when they lead her into dangerous and harrowing territory where she discovers defeating Lerion is only part of the solution.
Like the notes of a song must connect to form a melody, Eleanor must find the human connections needed to save her world.

Tsrea's Gift Book 1 The Perfect Tear

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