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Poetic Brevity and Unrequited Love Boyz II Business

In the rich tapestry of alternative folk/jazz, where melodies are crafted like delicate threads of emotion, Connie Lansberg emerges as a storyteller par excellence. Her latest creation, “Seconds and Circles,” transcends the boundaries of musical expression, delving into the realms of love unreciprocated.

From the first piano notes that echo like the heartbeat of a soul in contemplation, “Seconds and Circles” introduces us to a narrative soaked in emotional honesty. Connie Lansberg, with her haunting vocals, weaves a tale of self-realization, acknowledging the painful truth that the one we yearn for may never return the sentiment.

“I told myself all the lies. Dragging my feet along the dirt track, tangled in juniper and thyme. Knowing that you won’t be back. You were never mine,” confesses Lansberg, encapsulating the essence of the song’s theme. The lyrics unfold like pages from a heart-wrenching diary, each line a poignant stroke that paints the portrait of a love left unanswered.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Connie Lansberg is not merely a singer-songwriter but a seasoned jazz artist and a published author. Her dedication to the art of storytelling is evident in her extensive discography, where standards and originals alike become vessels for narratives that mirror the human experience.

As the piano notes interlace with the subtle percussion, and Lansberg’s vocals soar into the emotional stratosphere, “Seconds and Circles” becomes more than a song — it becomes an intimate conversation with the listener’s own vulnerabilities, a mirror reflecting the echoes of unspoken heartaches.

The accompanying music video for “Seconds and Circles” is a visual odyssey that complements the song’s emotional depth. Directed with a keen understanding of the narrative, it becomes a cinematic journey, enhancing the listener’s connection to the melancholic beauty of Lansberg’s creation.

Connie Lansberg’s “Seconds and Circles” stands as a testament to the power of musical brevity. In its short duration, it manages to encapsulate the profound ache of unrequited love, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. As the seconds tick away and life circles on, Lansberg’s creation lingers — a haunting reminder of the beauty found in pain.

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