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Sheer Class! Muse Chronicle

Connie Lansberg is a Singer/ Songwriter and Jazz musician based in Melbourne, Australia. This talented artist exudes class, authenticity, and taste through her brilliant work in the field of music. She is a much-celebrated musician of Australia and rightly so, all the five albums that she has released so far are all brilliantly written and performed where she proves her prowess in storytelling.

“Seconds and Circles is musical magic woven through classic melodies and Connie’s nectar-like voice.”

There is music for your ears and then there is music for your soul, Connie Lansberg makes music that falls into the latter category. Seconds and Circles is one of the brilliant songs from Connie Lansberg that I recently listened to. Great Mark Fitzgibbon is on Piano in this song and also co-wrote the song with Connie. The Piano work is mesmerizing in the song which well supports the accessible melodies and beautiful lyrics in the song. The song will take you on a calming journey of its own touching your soul. If you do not want to miss the beauty of this song, then go and give it a listen right now.

Catch A Muse Here :

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