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Australia’s Most Streamed Jazz Artist: Connie Lansberg’s “Alone With Bees” Album Release

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By: Sarah Wagner November 17, 2023

Connie Lansberg is an accomplished Australian jazz singer-songwriter, based out of Melbourne. She is Australia’s most streamed jazz artist, having amassed more than 4.5 million streams on Spotify.

Her new, self-produced album entitled “Alone with Bees” is a 10-track jazz selection that is written, arranged, produced, and performed all by Lansberg.

Included are seven original songs, as well as three additional standards, played by Connie’s long-standing quartet; the very talented jazz pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, Ben Hanlon on double bass, and Peter Hodges on the drums. 

The quartet performs all seven of Lansberg’s original songs as well as a standard by Stephen Sondheim, one by Leonard Bernstein, and Thelonious Monk. 

Connie has been described as a groundbreaking jazz singer; with a beautifully expressive voice and storytelling prowess, she can hit all of the high notes with ease.

In the first track, “Alone with Bees”, Lansberg writes about making peace with her past until the past is transformed into something no longer full of pain. This single, sharing the same name as the album, comes with a short story that you can download for free with the track. The song also won Best Song in Hollywood’s Artemis Women in Film Festival. MORE...

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