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Berlin on Air-Seconds and Circles Review Translated from German

Reading time: 2 min / 📷 CTTO / Connie Lansberg
Official release date: January 4, 2024

The artist Connie Lansberg is no longer unknown in the Australian music scene. With over 110,000 monthly listeners, she has an immense influence on the jazz scene and, with her new title 'Seconds and Circles', presents us with a fabulous piano track that gets under your skin.

Her wonderfully gentle and soulful voice lays over the arrangement with pure ease and produces slightly dreamy and soothing melodies. But 'Seconds and Circles' also impresses with excellent instrumental passages in which the piano works in perfect harmony with the bass and almost seems to have a dialogue between highs and lows.

The fairly minimal instrumentation makes the arrangement very easy to listen to, while always keeping the musical standards high. I think you might like 'Seconds and Circles' at least as much as I do! Take a listen and follow Connie Lansberg for more.

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