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Connie Lansberg Pushes the Boundaries of Jazz with New Album “Alone with Bees”

Renowned as a jazz vocalist and songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Connie Lansberg stands as a paradigm of avant-garde artistry within the realm of jazz vocals. Her latest composition, the exquisite single “Free,” transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending graceful strength and refined power. Lansberg’s performance can be likened to a poised connoisseur engaged in a soul-stirring arm-wrestling match—a demonstration of extraordinary musical prowess.

A labor of love a decade in the making, “Free” unveils Lansberg’s meticulous craftsmanship, safeguarded as a clandestine treasure until the fortuitous alignment of cosmic forces. A collaboration with jazz pianist Mark Fitzgibbon has yielded a delicate dynamism, evoking both comfort and compulsion. This tender ballad, a standout track on Lansberg’s self-produced album, “Alone with Bees,” was recorded in a single take, featuring the talents of Fitzgibbon on piano, Ben Hanlon on double bass, and Peter Hodges on drums—a testament to Lansberg’s exceptional songwriting and producing skills....(READ MORE)

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