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Connie Lansberg’s “Seconds and Circles”: A Fable of Timeless Jazz by Music Arena

With Mark Fitzgibbon’s adept fingers coaxing stories out of each piano key, we’re engrossed in Lansberg’s universe—one that glitters beyond conventional jazz confines. Here, standards don’t apply unless they’re recast in fresh outlines by these maestros’ hands. Like skilled alchemists turning melody to gold, Lansberg and Fitzgibbon fuse classic sensibilities with innovative gusto.

Lansberg’s vocal tone—a cultivated fusion redolent of the smoke-tinged specters like Billie Holiday—casts spells embedded not just in the present moment but reminiscent of bygone times. Her ability to convey profound narratives within the ligaments of song fuses new listeners’ interest while seducing seasoned aficionados with her authentic touch. Its enchantment spun through octave and tone...READ MORE

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