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The Underlying Message Speaks to Us All

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Dancing with Architecture-Dave Franklin

While Connie Lansberg adamantly disavows any association with the jazz realm, her delivery resonates with an unmistakable aura of control and clarity, a touch of style and sentiment that echoes the spirit of that musical world. However, if genres are but confining labels, she, in her wisdom, chooses to evade their grasp.

In the resonant realms of Alone with Bees, a composition co-crafted alongside her longtime collaborator and pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, who is most definitely a stalwart of the jazz universe, we find ourselves entangled in a captivating melody. The titular bees serve as a poignant allegory, guiding us through a melodic odyssey inspired by her tumultuous past and her fervent search for inner tranquillity amidst the tempestuous currents of life.

One might anticipate a weighty emotional journey, yet in the capable hands of this dynamic duo, the experience unfolds with delicate finesse, an ethereal beauty that permeates the soundscape. It’s not solely the gentle and faultless musical arrangement, with its spacious, serene reverberations, but also the poignant tale woven into the very fabric of the music, notably accentuated by Ben Hanlon’s resplendent double bass arco solo.

The underlying message speaks to us all—a stirring reminder that, much like the bees transforming their labour into honey, we too possess the power to transmute the echoes of our past into something profoundly sweet, provided we have the courage to confront our inner turmoil. In the poignant interplay of melody and narrative, we find a reflection of the human journey, a testament to the transformative power of embracing our pain and emerging with the golden nectar of resilience.

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