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Indie Artist Buzz-Navigating the Labyrinth of Desire: Connie Lansberg’s ‘I Used to Be Your Girl’“

In her latest single, "I Used to Be Your Girl,” Melbourne-based jazz artist Connie Lansberg delves into the intricate and often shadowed realm of obsession.

This track, a standout piece from her album “Alone with Bees,” showcases Lansberg’s ability to navigate the complexities of human emotion with a deft hand, blending the traditional essence of jazz with a contemporary sensibility.

Lansberg’s approach to the theme of obsession is both nuanced and direct. Her lyrics do not shy away from the darker aspects of this human condition, exploring its various manifestations in relationships, personal ambitions, and even in the pursuit of fame. The song’s narrative is compelling, drawing the listener into a world where obsession’s allure is as dangerous as it is captivating.

What makes “I Used to Be Your Girl” particularly striking is Lansberg’s vocal delivery.

There’s an honesty and clarity in her voice that cuts through the jazz arrangement, bringing a rawness to the song’s theme. Her collaboration with long-time partner Mark Fitzgibbon is evident here, with Fitzgibbon’s musical backing providing the perfect counterpoint to Lansberg’s storytelling...READ MORE

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