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Deep Dark Down and Blue, by Connie Lansberg is a subtle masterwork.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

“The first bars immediately cast a spell over me,”

“elegantly expressive melodies and poetic lyrics,”

World of Jazz

Connie Lansberg is a recording artist who recently released a new project called Deep Dark Down and Blue . Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Connie managed to develop a one-of-a-kind sound, which blurs the lines between a wide range of jazz influences.

This wonderful album features so many of these different sounds, highlighting Connie's ability to make music that feels fresh and inspiring, yet so uplifting and positive. It features ten songs, Seven originals, and three fabulous standards starting off with the stunning opening track "Better Things."

The first thing that strikes me is the amazing sound of the album in terms of production. The ride cymbal has a perfect sound, that Ribbon-y type microphone set up that makes everything so silky and smooth is really a nice flavor for this particular type of music, giving it a more organic edge, like one of those legendary old-school releases. In addition to that, Connie's vocals also have a bit of a retro vibe, with that nice smoothness and natural-sounding compression to really highlight the real qualities of her voice.

The title song "Deep dark Down & Blue" features a lush piano intro, with some nice chord rolls and a soothing atmosphere that suits Connie's vocals. "Better Things" is another jazz-driven number with a bit of a fusion element to it, especially when it comes to the sound of the bass, and the gentle groove that it brings to the music. "Angel Tears" is one of the most upbeat numbers, followed by a heart-rending version of the June Christy hit "Something Cool." "Round Midnight" by contrast is a more mellow song, driven by a piano arrangement and fueled by sparse percussion. "Lonely Passion" is another one of the faster songs on this album, with a soothing and charming vocal performance, one of the highlights of the album. "Secret Garden" has a more traditional jazz sound, while "Perfect Tears" is another amazing mellow moment, one of the most personal and introspective songs on the album.

"Still" follows right along with a really nice melody, which actually makes me think of indie-pop artist Regina Spektor, showcasing Connie's versatility.

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